bent metal pickle fork diy

Easy Holiday Gift: DIY Pickle Forks from Vintage Silverware

Discover how you can bend metal vintage silverware using a Wagner heat gun to create handmade pickle forks as an inexpensive gift idea.



The Wagner FURNO 500 LED Heat Gun is one of the most versatile tools out there. In addition to its more widely known uses, like stripping paint without chemicals; softening and removing glues and adhesives; and removing formica and linoleum, it also makes a multitude of craft projects easier. With the holidays just around the corner, today we’re demonstrating how to use the FURNO to make pickle forks from vintage silverware. Pair the fork with a jar of homemade pickles for an inexpensive and creative gift idea.


handmade bent metal gift idea


bent metal pickle fork

Find some vintage forks

It’s easy to find vintage flatware at yard sales and thrift shops for just a few pennies. We’ve come up with a creative way to repurpose mismatched forks using our FURNO 500 LED Heat Gun.

wagner furno 500

Turn on heat gun

Turn the FURNO on and allow it to heat up. We used low heat and no tip for this project; depending on the metal composition of your flatware, you might need to increase the heat to high. To increase the temperature, simply press the plus button until your desired temperature is reached. The FURNO’s integrated stand allows you to keep your hands free to work.

wagner furno 500 heat gun

Heat the fork tines

Heat the tines of the fork for 10-15 seconds and then use needle-nosed pliers to test whether or not they bend easily. Since the flatware will conduct heat, we recommend wearing heat-resistant gloves.

bending metal with heat gun

Continue heating if needed

If the tines don’t bend readily, heat them for another 10-15 seconds and check them again.

using tweezers to bend metal

Curl all but one tine

When the tines are easily bendable, use a rag to prevent the pliers from making marks on the silverware and roll all but one of the tines into a curl. The remaining tine is perfect for spearing a pickle!

bending metal fork

Gift your pickle fork with a jar of pickles

Pair this easy DIY pickle fork with a jar of crunchy refrigerator pickles and our free downloadable tags--available in “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays”--for a thoughtful and delicious homemade gift idea!

To download the free tags and our favorite pickle recipe, or to see other great ways to repurpose vintage silverware using the FURNO 500, please visit us at 11 Magnolia Lane

bent metal fork for pickle gift idea
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