Shrink-Wrapped Easter Eggs

The Furno Heat Gun takes a decorative Easter gift to the next level

Shrink-Wrapped Easter Eggs

Over-sized Easter Eggs with a decorative candy mosaic are a fun departure from traditional baskets. Shrink wrap helps keep candy fresh and organized in a colorful, graphic way.

What You'll Need:

Step 1:

Fill the bottom of the egg with craft paper to make a solid base and then top with the shredded paper grass.

Step 2:

Arrange the chocolate bunny and cookies on top of the shredded paper using smaller candies and jelly beans to fill in space.

Step 3:

Carefully wrap the egg in shrink wrap keeping all the treats in place. Gather the extra wrap around the base of the egg and pull tight. Cinch the shrink wrap with an eight-inch length of wire.

Step 4:

With the setting on low, run the heat gun over the shrink wrap until it is taut.

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