How to Clean a Tile Shower with a Steamer

Discover the quickest way to deep clean your shower, including the glass door and tile walls. Use steam to remove hard water stains with no chemicals!

Does your shower or bathroom need a deep clean? Emily from Two Purple Couches used her 915 On-Demand Steamer to rid her tile shower of hard water stains and residue and give it a thorough cleaning.

Supplies Needed

Set up the steam cleaner

Fill the container with distilled or filtered water. Reference the chart in the manual to decide how many ounces of water to use. You can clean a sizeable surface with 16-ounces of water, so don’t feel like you have to max out the water tank.

Select the attachment you want to use and connect it to the trigger handle. I experimented with three different attachments while I cleaned my shower: the nozzle brush, the squeegee and the cleaning brush with the pad.

Plug in the steamer and turn it on. Both the red and green lights will be lit as the unit heats; when the red light turns off, the steamer is ready for use.

Tips for steam cleaning a shower

To activate the steam, pull the trigger on the handle. The more you pull/press on the trigger, the more steam will be released. So if you just want a light amount of steam, pull lightly on the trigger. For a more forceful stream, hold it down all the way.

The squeegee attachment is great for getting glass shower doors to sparkle.

The cleaning brush with the pad worked well on our tile walls and on our shower floor pan.

The jet nozzle brush was perfect for getting into corners, along the edge where the tiles meet the floor pan, and on sections of grout that were really dirty.

When you’re finished steam cleaning

Turn off the steamer and release any remaining pressure by pulling on the trigger. This may take a few minutes. Then allow the unit to cool completely, about 20-30 minutes, before emptying any remaining water out of the container.

I was pretty impressed by the cleaning power of the 915 Steamer. It got rid of stubborn hard water and mildew stains, as well as made our whole shower just feel cleaner. I feel like we’re starting off the New Year with a fresh home!

This sponsored post was created by Two Purple Couches. For more details and tips on the different attachments Emily used to steam clean her shower, visit Two Purple Couches.

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