Control Spray Xtra Duty Sprayer

$ 109.99
The Control Spray Xtra Duty paint sprayer applies coatings 5X faster than a brush and offers a smooth, consistent finish with no brush marks. It’s great for spraying outdoor furniture, fences, garages, sheds, and other medium sized projects.

The spray gun can stain an 8’ x 8’ area in less than 1 minute and offers multiple adjustable settings for greater control and efficiency. You can easily change the spray pattern, spray volume, paint flow and spray width to suit your project and coating needs.

The sprayer also features just a few removable parts that rinse clean to make the cleanup process even easier!


  • Stains an 8’ x 8’ area in less than 1 minute
  • Ideal for medium sized staining projects
  • 5X faster than a brush to get projects done quickly
  • Sprays transparent, semi-transparent, and solid stain, water based lacquer, latex paint (thinning may be required)
  • Applies a smooth, consistent finish with no brush marks
  • Adjust spray pattern to horizontal or vertical
  • Multiple adjustable settings to suit project and coating needs
  • Easy to clean to have ready for next time
  • Compatible with Detail Finish nozzle for fine finishing work (sold separately)
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