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FURNO Micro Craft Kit

$ 44.99
The FURNO Micro Craft Kit is a versatile heat gun kit for curing resin, embossing, drying paint, shrink wrapping and much more! The FURNO Micro heat gun is small and compact to easily reach into hard-to-reach areas and work on delicate crafting projects.

The heat gun features a dual high (680°F/360°C) and low (450°F/230°C) temperature setting to accomplish countless DIY projects that require heat. It has three operating positions: palm, pencil and hands free. The heat gun includes multiple accessories to make your crafting ideas come to life. The included flare nozzle is ideal for applying heat in a wide, even pattern. The included reflector nozzle is ideal for shielding glass and other sensitive materials from heat. An 8” x 8” silicone mat comes with the kit to help protect your surface area from heat while crafting.


FURNO Micro Craft Kit
FURNO Micro Craft Kit Video


  • High 680°F (360°C) and low 450°F (230°C) temperature settings
  • Three operating positions: palm, pencil and hands free
  • Ideal for applying highly concentrated heat on small areas
  • Hands free operation with retractable stand
  • Great for crafting, home and hobby projects
  • Includes flare nozzle, reflector nozzle and 8” x 8” silicone mat


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