FURNO heat guns are great for a variety of household projects. Ideal for removing paint and flooring, bending plastic, thawing pipes and 101 more uses.

  • Precise temperature settings and heat delivery to meet your project needs
  • Easy to read and adjust controls
  • Ergonomic design allows for extended comfort and balance
  • Integrated stand for hands-free operation


With over 101 different uses you’ll be amazed at all the ways you can use a FURNO heat gun. From crafts, home projects, sports and even food you’ll always find a use for your FURNO heat gun.

The videos shown here are not instructional and are intended as ideas only. Household Use Only. Not For Commercial Use.


Furno: Declouding Headlights

Furno: Thawing Pipes

Furno: Burning Wood

Furno: Shrink Wrap Basket

Furno: Loosening Rusty Bolts

Furno: Phone Screen Repair

Furno: Restoring Auto Trim

Furno: Drying Spackle

Furno: Waxing Skis

Furno: Molding Hockey Skates

Furno: Waxing Snowboard

Furno: Removing Decals

Furno: Refreshing Black Tires

Furno: Roasting Coffee

Furno: Crackle Paint Finish

Furno: Cleaning a Grill

Furno: Tinting Windows

Furno: Image Transfer to Candles

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