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Is there an extension available for the FLEXiO sprayers?

A 24” Nozzle extension is available for the FLEXiO models, part # 2361756.  Watch this helpful video.

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How many PSI (bar) does the 725 Steamer and the Earlex Steam Generator have?

The pressure relief valve opens at 3.25 (0.2 bar) maximum pressure.

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How long is the electric cord?

The Super Finish Max has a 12” power cord. The Earlex 5700 has a 6ft power cord.

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How long does the battery last on the FLEXiO 3550 18V Cordless sprayer?

The battery life depends on the project and the coating you want to spray. Some examples of battery life are:     Latex Paint-An 8ft by 16ft wall.  Stain-A 6ft fence by 40ft long.    ...

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How long does it take to charge the battery?

The battery takes approximately 35 minutes to charge.

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How do I know what size spray tip to use?

The tip size is determined by the coating manufacturer.  It may be found in the application section listed on the label of the can or bucket of material.  If it is not listed on the can...

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Do you need a compressor for this sprayer?

No, this is a self-contained electric sprayer, so no compressor is required. Just plug it in and spray. 

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Do the parts on the 725 steamer interchange with the 905e/915e/925e steamer?

The parts do not interchange.

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Do I need to mask anything?

Yes, anything in the vicinity that you don’t want paint on should be moved or covered. HVLP has less overspray, but there is still some. 

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Do I have to use distilled water?

You should only use distilled water with the steamer to prevent mineral build-up within the unit.

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Can you paint the walls with the Super Finish Max or Earlex 5700?

Yes, the Super Finish Max and the Earlex 5700 can be used to paint walls. However,they might take a while due to having to refill the cup so often.

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Can you paint the ceiling with the Super Finish Max?

Yes, but due to the possibility of paint getting in the motor, the Super Finish Max should not be tilted upwards at more than a 45 degree angle.

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