Wagner Products

Wagner Sprayers

Squeeze the trigger and you're painting with our line of easy-to-use sprayers. When it comes to adding texture to walls or ceilings, varnishing doors or furniture or just painting the exterior of your home: there is a Wagner Sprayer for every job.

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Wagner Rollers & Pads

No Mess. No Tray. Paint Is In The Handle. Wagner Rollers make quick work of a variety of painting projects in any room of the house. Wagner family of SMART Rollers offer a better way to paint to make every homeowner's painting project faster and easier than the traditional manual roller and tray operation.

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Wagner Surface Prep

Surface preparation can be a long and difficult process. It is critical not to skip steps or cut corners because that will affect the final look of the project and the durability. Wagner offers a variety of tools that greatly cut down the amount of time and work to get the surface preparation tasks completed. Using the Wagner tools will prep the surface for painting and dramatically improve the entire look of the project.

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Wagner Projects