finished work table

Work It Out

A clean and dedicated work table provides infinite creative possibilities.

Work It Out

An unfinished work table longs to fit into a clean and streamlined craft room with a natural look. Create your own stain with chalk paint to lighten the wood, while still showing off the wood grain.

What You'll Need:

Step 1:

Begin with an unfinished piece of wood furniture that is free of any protective coating. Place it on a drop cloth and tape off any hardware or fixtures that you want to keep paint-free.

unfinished wood table

Step 2:

Brush the entire piece with a whisk broom to remove all dirt or dust to ensure a smooth finish.

clean table with brush

Step 3:

Mix two cups of chalk paint with one cup of water, and pour the spray stain mixture into the sprayer cup and prepare the sprayer.

**What is spray stain? Spray stain is made by diluting chalk paint in a 2-to-1 paint-to-water ratio. It creates a thin, transparent layer that coats the wood to create a finish, but is shear enough to continue to show off the wood grain.**

make paint mixture

Step 4:

Place the paint flow setting on the minimum speed. Thin paint stain has a low viscosity and will flow too quickly on a high setting.

adjust sprayer speed

Step 5:

Place the nozzle spray pattern on a horizontal setting. Turn the table upside down so you can spray the underside of the table first.

place sprayer on horizontal setting

Step 6:

Spray the underside of the table in a horizontal pattern, holding the sprayer six-to-eight inches away from the surface.

spray table underside

spray table underside (close up)

Step 7:

Turn the table back upright and paint the table top, continuing to hold the sprayer six-to-eight inches away from the surface.

spray table top

Step 8:

Switch the sprayer nozzle to a vertical spray pattern when working on both the inside and outside of the legs.

set sprayer to vertical pattern

spray table legs

Step 9:

Let the table dry thoroughly and then spray thoroughly with a matte finish acrylic urethane to provide an extra layer of protection.

let dry and spray with matte finish

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