Wood Burned DIY Pumpkin Banner

Fall is the perfect season for crafting. Create a stylish fall banner this autumn season by wood burning a design using the FURNO 750 heat gun.



Create your own festive fall banner! Emily from Two Purple Couches used her FURNO 750 heat gun to make a cute pumpkin banner for her home. Fall is the perfect season for crafting. Get into the seasonal spirit with this simple wood burning project. If you’re new to using a heat gun, an easy project like this one is a great way to try it out.


drawing pumpkins


pumpkin banner

Sketch Design

Lightly sketch a pumpkin shape in the center of each pennant. If the edges of the pennants are rough, go over them with fine-grit sandpaper to smooth them down.


Trace with Ammonium Chloride

Mix 1 Tbsp Ammonium Chloride with ½ cup water. Dip a paintbrush into the mixture and lightly paint over the sketched pumpkin.

drawing pumpkins

Heat Up with a Heat Gun

Plug in the FURNO 750 heat gun and press the power button. If you’re new to using a heat gun, the FURNO 750 is very easy to operate. The FURNO 750 automatically heats up to 650-degrees, but you can test different temperatures on a piece of scrap wood if you want to get a darker, more charred look on your banner.

furno heat gun

Apply Heat with Heat Gun

Once the FURNO 750 is fully heated to your desired temperature, hold it about two inches above the pennant, slowly moving it back and forth over the shape you painted with the ammonium chloride mixture. Within a few minutes, the heat will react with the mixture and the pumpkin shape will turn yellow, then begin to burn. Continue applying the heat gun until your pumpkin shape reaches your desired burn level.

applying heat with heat gun

Allow to Cool

When you’ve completed each pennant for your pumpkin banner*, press the power button to put the FURNO 750 into cool-down mode. The temperature bars will flash as it cools, and it will turn itself off once it has completed the cool-down cycle. Once the gun is completely cool, pack it back into the case to store.

*The pennants will be warm/hot to the touch! Allow to cool before handling.

This sponsored post was created by Two Purple Couches. For more details on this project and how to use the FURNO 750, visit Two Purple Couches’ post: Wood Burned DIY Pumpkin Banner.

heat gun cooling
Products Used


Wagner FURNO 750 Heat Gun

Wooden pennant banner kit

Ammonium Chloride

Cup of water

Small paintbrush


Fine grit sandpaper

Extension cord

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