Clean and Reshape Wicker with Ease

Clean and reshape wicker and rattan with a Wagner Steamer

Clean and Reshape Wicker with Ease

Wicker baskets and furniture can be extremely hard to clean and maintain. Our 915 On-Demand Power Steamer can remove dirt and dust and even reshape a tired basket with ease.

You Will Need:

Step 1 - Prepare Steamer

Fill the steamer with water and plug in.

Step 2 - Clean the Basket

Attach the small brush and steam the entire basket, using the brush to loosen dirt.

steaming basket

steam cleaning basket

Step 3 - Reshape

Steaming the basket weave will make it soft and pliable. Reshape the softened reeds into the desired shape, taking care of any out-of-place bulges.

reshaping basket

Step 4 - Reuse

Return the basket to service as the centerpiece for your next summer picnic.

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