Updated Medicine Cabinet

Learn how to update an old medicine cabinet using a Wagner paint sprayer. This budget-friendly route is a great way to revamp old furniture or decor!

It can get expensive to update a home, especially when extra storage is needed. The budget friendly route is to look for unique thrifted finds you can make work for your needs and style. We desperately needed some extra storage in our bathroom and when I stumbled on this little cabinet for ten bucks I knew I could make it work.

Paint does miraculous things for a tired thrifted find! I knew it was the perfect piece for my Wagner FLEXiO 5000 Paint Sprayer. When you have that many spindles and details a sprayer is always a good choice and really the only thing I will use. Plus, I wanted an extra professional finish on my new medicine cabinet.

I took my new find outside and used a satin finish black latex paint and my FLEXiO 5000 to do a quick and easy makeover. When you find older pieces like this they don’t always come apart for easy painting. The mirrors on this piece were stuck in place. If you have the same issue with your thrifted treasures, a little painters tape and a plastic drop cloth will be your best friend! Just tape off the desired areas and spray away.

I am thrilled with the super smooth finish my FLEXiO 5000 sprayer provided and now we finally have ample storage in our bathroom without breaking the bank!

PLUS - I adore the extra charm this older piece added to our space.

Don’t be afraid to tackle out of date decor with your sprayer, it is so quick and easy and I find the more you use your sprayer, the better you get at it. Now that’s a great excuse to go junk shopping if you ask me! Look how cute it looks with a little touch of Christmas mixed in.

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