How to Upcycle a Bar Cart with the FLEXiO 3000 Paint Sprayer

Make a hip bar cart for your deck or patio with a retro piece sprayed in a modern color.


Prepare the paint sprayer

Fill the Wagner Flexio 3000 detail nozzle with Primer 123 to evenly coat the flat surfaces and metal frame with paint. Protect the wheels with tape if you don't want to paint them too.


Spray paint on surface

Place the spray nozzle in a diagonal spray pattern position. Hold the sprayer 5-6 Inches from the surface and glide the nozzle in a horizontal direction to coat evenly with primer.


Spray legs of bar cart

Spray the legs and bottom of the bar cart. For the legs it is best to reposition the spray nozzle to the vertical up and down spray pattern. For the bottom shelf place the spray nozzle back to the diagonal pattern.


Touch up any missed spots

Touch up any bare areas.

Touch up any bare areas.

Fill sprayer with color and spray

Once its primed and thoroughly dry you can fill in your desired paint color and redo the steps above.


Finished bar cart

Enjoy using the newly painted bar cart.

Products Used


Exterior paint

Drop Cloth

Frog tape

Primer 123

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