Transform a Woven Christmas Tree Collar

Learn how to paint and update a woven or rattan holiday tree collar by using a Wagner paint sprayer to easily get into the nooks and crannies.

Give last year’s Christmas decor a new look with a fresh paint job using a sprayer.

What You'll Need:

Assemble the Wagner Studio Spray tent. Place the Christmas tree collar inside the spray tent.

Fill the Wagner FLEXiO 4000 sprayer cup with paint. Use a spray cup liner for easy cleanup.

Attach the detail finish nozzle to the sprayer.

Adjust the material flow control, the air pressure and the spray nozzle and make a few test sprays on a piece of cardboard or paper before painting the Christmas tree collar.

Apply two light coats of white chalk-style paint to the tree collar, allowing the paint to dry completely between coats. For a distressed look, allow some of the original color of the rattan to show through. You can also sand away some of the paint once it has dried to give the tree collar a distressed look.

Clean the sprayer cup and sprayer nozzle thoroughly, returning any remaining white paint to the can.

Fill the clean sprayer cup with metallic gold paint. (You can also use a spray cup liner.)

Attach the detail finish nozzle to the sprayer. Adjust the spray control so that paint comes out in a fine mist. Test the coverage and spray pattern using a scrap piece of cardboard.

Lightly spray the raised portions of the woven tree color with gold paint. You don’t want to completely cover the surface with the metallic paint; aim for random highlights that will sparkle under Christmas lights.

Once the paint has completely dried, place the tree collar at the base of your Christmas tree to cover the stand. Decorate the tree and enjoy the holidays!

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