Transform Your Room with Trim

Give your bedroom an entirely new feel by adding picture molding and trim to create a unique accent wall! Get the project done quickly with Wagner tools.

DIFFICULTY: Intermediate


If you want a really creative and accessible way to give a room in your house an entirely new feel, try adding some trim to the walls! You’d be surprised at how simple this project can be, and the transformation really speaks for itself.


Transform your room

If you want the full details on how to install DIY picture molding in your bedroom, you can click here to read a detailed tutorial. But, if you’re familiar with how to install trim in general and want some tips on how to make the job faster and easier using your favorite Wagner tools, this is the post for you.


Paint walls with Wagner Sidekick

By far the fastest and easiest way to paint any room in your home is to use a Wagner SMART Sidekick Power Roller. Personally, I won’t paint a room without it and have convinced just about every friend and family member I have to buy one for themselves. It’s a total game-changer and makes the process so quick and easy.

Why is the Sidekick so great? It keeps your roller loaded up and full at all times, which reduces the amount of bending over you need to do, helps you get better coverage, and reduces the chances of flashing or lap marks in your paint. With a high-quality paint + primer you can often get great coverage with just one coat when using your Sidekick Power Roller!

If you’re adding a lot of trim to your room, I’d recommend painting all of the walls in the room before you add any trim to them. It’s much faster and easier to paint bare walls, and you’ll be shocked at how much time it can save you in the overall project!


Pre-paint trim with Flexio 3000

My other big recommendation is to pre-paint all of your trim before cutting or installing it using a Wagner FLEXiO 3000 paint sprayer. When working in my room, I tested both pre-painting and not pre-painting, and it was pretty astonishing how much faster the job went when I took the time to paint my trim before installing it.

Simply set up some sawhorses in your garage or backyard and paint all of the trim using your sprayer before you make a single cut. You’ll still need to do touch-ups after you nail and add caulk, but if the trim has a good base layer of paint on it, the entire process will move notably quicker.

I found that I didn’t need to stress about getting perfect coverage when pre-painting my trim (especially on the edges of the trim) - as long as the trim got a solid first coat on it, any touch ups were taken care of after caulking. I would estimate that several hours were shaved off of the tail end of this project by taking just a little bit of time up-front to paint the trim using my sprayer.


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Trim is one of the most accessible and simple ways to completely transform your home and add a custom, luxurious feel. This is a project that even a beginner could tackle, and the results look anything but beginner-level.

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