Tiered Table Makeover

Take that curbside find and transform it into something brand new by using paint and the Wagner FLEXiO 3000 paint sprayer.

Meg from Green With Decor used our FLEXiO 3000 to paint an old table.

What You'll Need:

Patch any scratches on the table.

Sand the table.

Clean the table.

Set up your Studio Spray Tent.

Put your paint sprayer together. Use the Detail Finish nozzle for furniture makeovers.

Set your paint sprayer settings. Set the air cap depending on the direction in which you’ll be painting.

Start with the air power control low, and increase as needed.

Adjust your material flow control based on the type of paint you’re using.

Start painting!

The sprayer should be 6-8 inches from your table. Remember to keep it moving.

Do two coats of paint, letting the table dry in between.

Clean your paint sprayer.

For more details on this project, head to Green With Decor’s post: A two tier side table makeover.

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