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Nothing starts the new year off right better than a well-organized home. Upcycle a cast-off cupboard sprayed with fresh colors and coordinating baskets to create order in your home that is easy on the eyes


homemade storage containers


Baskets are a great way to corral and tidy lots of loose odds and ends. Often baskets in different shapes, colors and textures add to the disorganized look of clutter. Use the Wagner FLEXiO 3000 paint sprayer fitted with the detail nozzle to color coordinate old baskets and give them a brand new look. Baskets are hard to hand paint with a brush but take only minutes with the Wagner sprayer.

diy decorative storage boxes

You will need:

  • A gathering of mismatched baskets in multiple shapes and styles
  • A Wagner FLEXiO 3000 paint sprayer with the detail finish nozzle and lined with a plastic liner bag
  • Semi-gloss latex paint... we used: Behr Paint in Tahoe Blue and Silver Mine
  • Medium-bristle whisk broom
  • Drop cloth

Cover your work surface with a fabric paint or plastic drop cloth. Place baskets on work surface. Use whisk broom to remove any dust or debris from basket weave.


Spray basket desired color using the detail finish nozzle. Keep sprayer five inches from basket surface and move in a left-to-right direction until basket is covered. Let dry thoroughly and repeat application for deeper color if desired. Use newly painted basket to store books, linens, kitchen accoutrements and flatware.

diy decorate storage bin


Go from a basic black and ordinary cupboard to a charming statement display piece where you not only want to organize but love to keep the doors open to show off your colorful style. The FLEXiO sprayer works perfectly here, seamlessly painting the interior of a cupboard that would be time consuming and difficult to hand paint.

spray paint wicker hamper

You will need:
  • Vintage cupboard or door with shelves
  • Vacuum with brush attachment
  • Semi-gloss latex paint... we used: Behr Paint in Bluebird for the interior and Natchez Moss for the exterior.
  • Hot soapy water and rag if necessary
  • A Wagner FLEXiO 3000 paint sprayer fitted with the iSpray nozzle and lined with a plastic liner bag.
  • Blue painter's tape
Clean and vacuum cabinet completely and let dry.

Set the sprayer to a horizontal spray pattern at medium speed and paint the exterior of the cupboard starting at the top and gliding the sprayer three to five inches from the surface move from left to right. Spray the entire exterior of the piece and let dry.

spray paint wood cabinets


To paint the interior of the cupboard open both doors and tape off any part of the exterior that you do not want painted. Then spray the inside top and back. Move the sprayer in a left-to-right position painting each shelf of the piece completely before moving down to spray the next level. Once entirely sprayed, let dry. For display purposes, leave cupboard doors open to show off all the layers of color.


make your own decorative boxes


storage box diy

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