Staining exterior wood home dark brown completed with a Wagner stain sprayer

Staining a Wood Home Exterior

Discover how to spray a fresh coat of stain to a wooden home or cabin exterior using a Wagner paint & stain sprayer.

DIFFICULTY: Intermediate


Rachel from Craving Some Creativity recently gave her parent’s home a total makeover by stain spraying the whole house with the Wagner Control Pro 130 HEA Stain Sprayer. Learn the best techniques and how to stain spray a wood exterior home that will save you immense time and effort.


Clean the Exterior

Houses are exposed to the elements and need to be cleaned similar to decks when preparing for stain. After repairing any exterior wood that shows signs of rot, use an all-purpose deck cleaner to remove algae, dirt, and debris.

You can use a pressure washer, garden hose or the Wagner Paint EATER to remove any loose debris and peeling stain. If using a similar brand and color of stain as before, complete removal of the previous stain is not necessary, and it's okay to spray stain over the existing coat.


Mask Off Areas You Don't Want to Stain Spray

Paint and stain sprayers are very controlled. If you are careful, you only need to mask off about a foot from where you spray to prevent overspray. Mask off any stucco, brickwork, windows, gutters, etc. On windy days it is important to make sure you mask off well since the wind can carry overspray.


Set Up Your Sprayer

Make sure to mix the stain well. Stain tends to fall out of suspension rather quickly. Follow manufacturer's instructions on blending and mixing stain.

For this project, we used the Wagner Control Pro 130 Paint Sprayer. Assemble according to manufacturer’s instructions.

Stain outdoor wood with the Wagner Control Pro 130 HEA stain sprayer

Read These Tips for Spraying Exterior of a Home

If you have any areas that are too high or difficult to reach with a ladder, you can rent a boom lift from rental stores or most large home improvement stores.

Carry a brush to catch any drips or rub in crevices to get a good bond.

The nozzle has a switch on it to turn the stain spray gun off, so you don’t accidentally engage the Wagner Stain sprayer as you move or climb a ladder.

A woman staining wood siding with a Wagner airless sprayer

Spraying Lattice?

Lattice, decks, fences, and intricate work are super easy to stain with a Wagner Sprayer!

How to Stain a Fence

Staining a Deck with a Sprayer

More Outdoor Home DIY Projects

A person stain spraying wood lattice with a Wagner HEA sprayer

Enjoy Your Freshly Stain Sprayed Home

To see the full process and learn more about spraying a house or deck with the Wagner Control Pro 130, visit here. We’ve got lots of other home improvement projects, so you’re bound to find something to inspire you!

Staining exterior wood home dark brown completed with a Wagner stain sprayer
Products Used


Painter's Tape

Safety Goggles


Paint Brush

Garden Hose or Pressure Washer or Wagner PaintEATER

Deck Cleaner

Masking Paper or Plastic

Exterior Grade Stain

Wagner Control Pro 130 Paint Sprayer

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