Decorative Stencil Pot

Quickly customize any pot or planter with ease.



Pots and planters don't have to be plain and boring. Plants and flowers don't need to get all the attention. With a little paint, stencil and a Wagner paint sprayer, you can add interest and create one-of-a-kind pieces.


Secure stencil to pot

Select the stencil for your project. Place the stencil on the desired location on your pot and tape the stencil along all four sides to secure it. Cover areas around the stencil that you do not want painted.

Set-up and fill the Studio Home Décor with your choice of paint. Practice spraying on included spray poster or other scrap material.

Stenciling a Decorative Planter

Spray pot

Spray over the stencil using complete passes and keeping the sprayer four to six inches away. If overlap is necessary, overlap each pass by 30%.

Once the paint is partially dry, remove the stencil, careful not to smudge the design. Remove any additional tape or masking, and allow pot to dry completely.

If a sheen is desired on the pot, spray a clear acrylic or latex coating over the entire pot.


Add flowers

Once dry, fill the pot with your favorite live or imitation flowers. Now both your pot and flowers will get the attention they deserve.

Products Used


Home Decor Sprayer



Painter's tape


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