Patio Table Makeover Feature Image

Spray a Hard-to-Paint Table in Minutes

Refresh an old patio table in minutes using a paint sprayer.


Prepare for paint spraying

In your workspace, place the table on a drop cloth to protect from overspray. Load the FLEXiO® 4000 with paint.

Table and Sprayer

Spray paint underside of patio table

Flip the table and spray the underside of the tabletop and the legs. Use a vertical spray pattern when working on the legs. Continue until the underside is coated.

Spraying Patio Table Set

Spray top side of patio table

Once completely dry, flip the table back onto its legs. With the sprayer set to medium, work on tabletop from side to side holding the nozzle six to eight inches away from the surface.

Patio Chair and Table Makeover
Products Used


Exterior latex paint in a semigloss finish

Patio table

Drop cloth

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