Simple Way to Steam Clean Clay Pots

Healthy pots mean healthy plants, thanks to the Wagner Steamer.

Simple Way to Clean Clay Pots

Soil contains salts that can damage plants and get deposited on the inside of planters. In addition, any diseases your plants may have from a past season can get transferred to your new plants. The solution is cleaning used flower pots before using them again. Cleaning garden pots takes only a few minutes with the Wagner Steamer, and it can keep your plants healthy and productive for the whole season.

You Will Need:

Step 1 - Assemble Pots

Assemble the garden pots for reuse on a clean work surface.

Step 2 - Fill the Steamer

Fill the Wagner Steamer with distilled water and plug in. The green light will indicate when the water is hot enough to produce steam.

Step 3 - Clean Pots

Use the round brush tip to steam and scour the inside and outside of each pot.

steaming pots

Step 4 - Let Dry and Replant

Let dry thoroughly and then replant with fresh stones and soil.

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