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Seasonal Home Decor

Adding an accent color can really take a simple color scheme and give it pop and and definition. Load your FLEXiO paint sprayer with your favorite shade of red and in an afternoon bring a bit of color to everything in your room.

For Christmas this year why not engage the idea of seasonal renovation? A festive scheme like red and white is a great way to add color and style and can be done easily with lots of accent pieces. Creative entrepreneur Katherine Grant uses one single shade of red for all of her projects, resulting in a dramatic holiday backdrop that you can easily copy with stunning results. A table top tree on a half round table is flocked using paint and a FLEXiO Paint Sprayer with a Detail Finish Nozzle, then given a fine dusting of faux snow.

Seasonal Home Decor Final

Half Round Coffee Table

A half round coffee table becomes a fresh and surprising tree skirt with sprayed legs. We sprayed the detailed spindle legs of a coffee table red to create a bit of interest.

Spraying Coffee Table with Red Paint

Accent Backdrop

Adding a touch of color to natural wood or stained pieces is all the rage. We used the same color from the coffee table to stencil a temporary wall created with salvaged raised panel doors. The wall provides a graphic and colorful backdrop for the tree and other holiday decor and is eye-catching with the simple polka dot stencil. A single shade of red unifies the room for Christmas.

Door Panels before Painting

Spraying Door Panels with FLEXiO

Removing Door Panels

Door Panel with Stencil

Door Panel Painted Red

Christmas Crackle Bench

Paint a focal point this holiday season like an old wooden bench or settee. A color will show off the shape and detail of the wooden piece and will enliven a porch, entryway or great room decorated for the season. To get this great crackle finish simply coat the bench in a thick layer of common white glue. To apply, dilute glue in water (2 parts glue to 1 part water) and place in a Wagner SMART Edge Roller. Roll glue over the entire surface of the bench and let dry until nearly translucent. Then simply spray your furniture with the FLEXiO Paint Sprayer.

Bench Before Painting

Bench Painting feature

Painting Bench with Smart Edge Roller

Painting Bench with Smart Edge Roller

Coat the entire surface and then let it dry overnight.

Crackle finish is a very desirable distressed finish and one that is easy to achieve with Wagner tools. The key is to truly be open to the results that the glue creates. You won’t be able to really control the crackle effect but rather must let the finish transform organically. To test the effect try crackling a discarded piece of wood.

Bench close up

Crackle Bench after glue step

Spraying Bench Red

Red Bench Final with Wreath

Red Bench Final Look

Basket Shade

Upcycling your Christmas look will keep you busier than an elf at the North Pole but the results will be like bundles of neatly wrapped gifts. Spray a basket shade and hang it from the ceiling to create a magical ornament chandelier.

Spraying shade basket

Spraying Shade Basket Red

Close up spraying shade basket

Spraying A Shade Basket made easy with a Sprayer

Shade Basket Final

To flock your tree, simply drape the floor and surround it with paint cloth. Lightly spray the evergreen tips with white paint, and sprinkle immediately with faux snow. Decorate with ornaments when the paint is dry.

Spraying a Tree with a Flexio

Sprinkling a tree

The completed look is a room filled with festive holiday design. From wall decor and a crackled bench to gift wrap, you can personalize your holiday decor and end up with a look you will love and surrounding that will impress your friends and family.

Styling christmas home decor

Seasonal Home Decor Collage

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