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How to Create Seaside Stencil Pillows

Words, symbols, numbers or graphic designs are all possible subjects for pillow art. Use commercial stencils or make your own with Mylar paper and painter's tape.



The Wagner Studio Pro paint sprayer creates defined stencils with a crisp edge. Use painter's tape, a stencil, and your favorite colors and designs to create these easy summer patterns. Craft stores and art supply shops have a mix of modern and detailed stencil designs. Hand-pick from a variety of choices or search online for stencils that are truly in line with your design sensibility. Wipe excess paint from stencils and store them flat to reuse designs over and over again.


Prepare paint

Fabric paints and chalky style paint are all great on fabrics and to use with stencils. For latex paint, simply dilute paint by a third to create a mixture that will absorb into fabric better than simply applying the paint on top.

Preparing Pillows for Painting

Apply stencil

Remove the pillow from the fabric pillowcase.

Center a stencil on the pillowcase and tack it to a wall covered with a drop cloth.

Tape stencil to pillow case


Using the detail nozzle, spray paint in an even side-to-side motion, holding the sprayer about three inches from the surface.

Spray painting pillow stencils

Remove stencil

Remove tape and stencil to expose design.

Removing stencil from Seaside Pillow

Let dry

Let dry completely before using.

Seaside Pillow

Seaside fun

These seaside pillows add a fun touch to a sunroom or outdoor patio setting.

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Outdoor pillows

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