Save Time with a Paint Sprayer!

Learn how to save time when painting large batches of furniture and decor by using a Wagner paint sprayer to quickly spray a great finish.



Often when you think about using a paint sprayer you think about large scale projects like painting a room or furniture, but I have a little trick I love to use. It’s my secret to saving time and getting the best results for my smaller scale craft and decor projects!


Paint in batches

I love to paint in batches. You see, I collect lots of garage sale items and flea market finds. I typically grow a large pile of vintage loot that all needs an update or refresh of some sort. Once my stash grows and I have all my ideas together I have a little paint day. I pull out all the little home decor items that need a paint job and put my Wagner FLEXiO 5000 Paint Sprayer to work.


Save time

This little trick is perfect to save time and get multiple projects finished fast. I also feel like this type of group painting gets me motivated.

When you knock out this many projects at once you get a little decorating momentum behind you!

Not to mention there is less set up and clean up when you do it one big time versus a bunch of little projects here and there.


Paint anything

To start your own batch painting party make sure to grab a Studio Spray Tent so you can paint in any kind of weather, it is a great tool to have for your small decor items. There are so many small pieces that look better when painted with a sprayer versus hand painting. Things like baskets, boxes with compartments, anything with spindles or curves, wicker or rattan and slick surfaces are always easier to paint with a Wagner sprayer.


More info

A Wagner sprayer lets me get a professional quality paint finish on objects I paid next to nothing for so I can decorate in my style, on a budget. That is a trick worth trying!

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