Resin Snowflake Ornaments

Learn how to make resin snowflake ornaments to display on your Christmas tree this holiday season. Easily set the resin with the Wagner HT400 heat gun.

It is almost time to pull the Christmas tree down from the attic and start adding holiday cheer! I am going to share some ornament ideas that are easy and inexpensive to make. One of my favorite mediums to work with is resin and today I have two versions of snowflake resin ornaments for you! This is a fun DIY projects that your kids could help you with. I'll walk you through the steps and give you my tips for working with resin, including my secret weapon to ensure you don't get bubbles!

Supplies Needed

  • Snowflake Silicone Mold
  • Circle Silicone Mold
  • Clear Resin
  • White Resin
  • Wagner HT400 Heat Gun
  • Snowflake Confetti

Step 1

The resin will come in two bottles. Measure equal parts into a container and mix well. If you do not mix long enough, the resin will not set up.

Step 2

Once the resin has been mixed thoroughly, you can pour the resin into the molds. The white resin sets up much faster than the clear resin. I mixed up small batches (enough to do three at a time) to prevent it from starting to harden before it was poured.

Step 3

Add the snowflake confetti to the clear resin ornaments. They will sink slightly.

Step 4

Use the Wagner HT400 Heat Gun to get rid of any bubbles that formed while mixing. This is my secret weapon to getting super clear resin projects. It is so fun to watch the bubbles pop!

Step 5

Once the snowflake resin ornaments have completely cured, you can drill small holes in the tops.

The clear resin ornaments almost look like they have been etched. I love the look!

The white snowflake ornaments almost look good enough to eat! My kids said they thought they looked like white chocolate.

Do you have a tradition of making ornaments? What are some of your favorite kinds?

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