Downtown Loft Makeover

How to Repurpose a Downtown Loft

HGTV host Cari Cucksey takes on repurposing her ultra-cool downtown loft with her own paint palette and spray tools from Wagner.



Instead of Type O coursing through Cari’s veins, she’s got a colorful liquid paint that pumps all of her creativity. Her style is like a transfusion for anything she touches and her home is a reflection of that dynamic. “Repurposing is my life,” she exclaims, “and nothing is free from my signature style!”


Repurposing is my life

HGTV host Cari Cucksey takes on repurposing her ultra-cool downtown loft with her own paint palette and spray tools from Wagner.

HGTV Hos Cari Cucksey Repurposes Downtown Loft

Spray what you say

Loving your home can be just a spray away as it really gives you control over color and style of everything. Let your space speak for you with the shades and hues that make you happy and grounded in your home. Cari chose paints from her RePurpose collection to take simple cabinets to a stellar design level. To get the look, spray your cabinets with the Wagner Home Decor Sprayer and while still wet, distress with steel wool. Once dry, your finish will have a time-worn vintage look.

Her kitchen cupboards have been sprayed and distressed with a warm shade of gray that compliments the appliances and vintage-like floor tile.

Kitchen Downtown Loft

All in the details

Additional furnishings have their own personalities and colors to create a collected, eclectic look.

Chippy utility chest

Maintain vintage appeal

A chippy multi-hued utility chest is sprayed with clear urethane to protect its vintage appeal.

Red Side Table Downtown loft

How to paint a focal wall

Cari Cucksey’s new loft space is undergoing a transformation. Cari and her husband Vince felt that something was lacking. Being like the “cobbler’s kids” they realized their own walls needed a statement, like a fresh coat of paint. Cari found a favorite painting for the focal wall and selected her colors from its abstract, muted canvas. Soon the walls were awash in Celadon green and accessories were corralled to match and complete the look. “My paint colors really bring a space together and once I selected an inspiration piece—a favorite painting— I had a direct path to a beautiful statement wall.” The before shot of the wall was simple and uninspiring. Cari placed her palette in the space for a couple of days with a favorite painting to draw out just the right shade of green. “My paints are made to be mixed and matched,” says Cari. “Just the right shade can bring it all together and complete a finished designer look.”

Before photo of focal wall downtown loft

Prep space

Turning a wall into a focal point is easy with a bit of paint and these Wagner rollers that can be pre-filled with paint.

Cari and her husband Vince taped off the hallway with butcher’s paper and blue tape.

Prep for paint

Cut in around trim

Once prepped, they cut in with Cari’s wall paint and Cari uses the Wagner SMART Edge Roller™ to cut in around ceilings, baseboard and door frames.

Cutting in with the Wagner Smart Edge Roller

Roll the wall

Cari created a finish coat with the Wagner SMART Roller™ in Cari’s RePurpose paint, Celadon.

Painting a Wall with the Wagner Smart Roller

Focal wall after

Paint unleashes the ability to make everything your own and Cari’s use of color in her loft space makes every inch her personal statement.

Focal wall after photo downtown loft

Color & style

Vintage chairs are washed in a favorite shade of Mohair Blue— the color picks up the same color notes in the vintage needlepoint. Flannel Gray brings an island corner carving to life.

Table and Chairs

Blue inspiration

Cari’s Mohair blue helped her pick out this velveteen side chair that anchors the dining table. In her living room, a vintage wing back stands out in relief against a brick wall sprayed with a hand-made mix of RePurpose blues.

Dining Room Table

The great divide

The challenge? Create some intimate space in a wide open floor plan with these great carriage house doors given to Cari. “I’ve had these doors for a while and wanted to use them in my new space. I decided to hang them between the kitchen and living room to easily divide the room. They are on casters so they can be moved to one side easily. I love their graphic worn look but wanted one unified appearance. Painting would have covered the age so I went for a translucent stain sprayed on with the Wagner FLEXiO 5000® .”

Large Door before painting

Show me the door

Spray staining the door is easy and trans-formative. Newsprint, blue tape, and the Wagner FLEXiO 5000® make light work of a big project. My desire is to unify these shaded doors with one even, vintage color . . . aged patina intact. Mix up Cari’s stain in minutes!

Taping off windows on door

Prepare paint

Combine three parts paint with two parts water. Stain should be the consistency of milk.

Combine paint with water for the perfect consistency

Prep door and spray

Cari preps by placing paint cloths on the floor and covering the window panes with paper and tape. Use the sprayer to coat the surface. She holds the sprayer nozzle six inches from the surface and moves in a low and slow motion horizontally across the door.

Spraying paint stain on door

Wipe excess stain

Wipe with clean rag so stain saturates surface but doesn’t cover the grain. Working in four-foot sections at a time, Cari stops and removes excess stain with a rag and gently rubs the stain into the surface.

Wipe door with a rag


The final finished doors look as though they have always been washed in gray and make an excellent backdrop for a moveable kitchen furniture grouping. Cari likes to sit with friends and family over a favorite cup of tea and dream of more spray projects. Cari mixes mid-century furnishing and rustic backdrops with ease.

New Homeowner’s Guide to Personalizing Your Home

Gallery wall

Cari’s been collecting vintage frames for years and enlarged some of her favorite family photos to fit inside. Frames are sprayed with current RePurpose colors by Cari with a drop cloth, paint, and the Wagner FLEXiO 5000® .

Spraying Gallery Wall Frames

Use multiple colors

Vintage frames needn’t be perfect. Fresh paint will cover any blemishes. Fill several FLEXiO® cups with different paints and move seamlessly from color to color.

Gallery Wall

Downtown loft repurposed

Follow Cari on her website and order her colorful, beautiful paints for all of your own RePurpose projects here Repurpose Shop .

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