Removing Paint From Furniture

No chemicals needed. Quickly remove paint from furniture with a Wagner Heat Gun

Step 1

Set up a work area, with a drop cloth below to collect the paint scrapings. Gather all your tools (heat gun, 5-in-1 tool) and have them within reach. Optional: take the chairs apart for easier access to the parts and easier stripping.

Step 2

Turn the Studio Dual Temp heat gun to high setting. Pass over the surface of the painted wood in an even pattern at a distance of 2 to 3 inches. We recommend working in one area of the piece.

Step 3

When the paint starts to bubble, simply scrape the paint using the provided scraper (5-in-1 tool). Wipe paint away with a rag and continue to heat and scrap until all the paint is removed.

Step 4

Once paint has been removed, clean the scraped wood with medium grit sandpaper and steel wool until the surface is free of any remaining paint and is the finish you are looking for.

Step 5

Now surface is ready to paint, stain or varnish if desired. Use your Studio Home Décor paint sprayer to spray the wood with Dead Flat Finish Varnish, coating the wood with a protective finish. Be sure to tape and mask any metal parts.

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