Porch Stencil Floor

How to Refresh Your Porch

Your porch can really take a beating. It’s not only a high traffic area but it's frequently open to outdoor elements. See how Wagner tools unite to repair, repaint and restore a porch with newfound beauty. A porch makeover is easy with Wagner tools.


Clean the area with steam cleaner

Start with the Wagner 915 On-Demand Power Steamer and a thorough cleaning. The Wagner power steamer will easily steam away dirt, mildew and mold. Fill the steamer with water according to Wagner's instructions and heat. Once the green light on the unit lights, the tool is ready to dispense steam. Various brushes can be used on flat (walls) or dimensional surfaces (ledges and windowsills). Run steamer over surface, scrub lightly with brush and wipe away dirt with a dry cloth. Let dry thoroughly before painting. HELPFUL HINT: Mold and mildew can become a serious problem in living areas. When using a steamer to clean, make sure to use a mask, gloves and disposable rags to protect yourself. Dispose of these items after use and clean the steamer attachments with bleach to keep them from contamination.

Wagner On Demand Power Steamer

Remove loose paint with the PaintEATER

Smooth uneven surfaces with the PaintEATER. Isolate problem areas of chipped paint or rough surfaces by gliding the PaintEATER over the surface until all paint is removed and it is smooth. Prime the area with water-based primer and let it dry thoroughly before spraying with paint.

PaintEATER Surface prep tool

Use a paint sprayer to paint walls and woodwork

Quickly cover the walls using the FLEXiO 2000. Use this versatile hand-held sprayer to easily and swiftly apply a smooth coat of paint to walls and woodwork. Mask off windows and ceiling with Tape + Drape or painter's tape to protect from overspray. When spraying, paint from the top of wall to the bottom moving left to right six to eight inches from the surface until the wall is completely covered. Let dry thoroughly and repeat with a second coat if necessary. When spraying door casings or window surrounds, be sure to mask off doors and windows to protect from any overspray. For horizontal woodwork or vertical door casings, be sure to change the spray tip to the desired pattern application.

Spraying Porch walls with a paint sprayer

Paint floors with SMART rollers

Achieve the perfect finish with the Wagner paint rollers. The SMART Rollers and the SMART Edge Rollers are useful when tackling flat surfaces—floors are no exception. Vacuum and clean the floor thoroughly and then apply a base coat of paint. We loaded the SMART Roller with exterior floor paint in a semigloss finish. Let dry thoroughly and add a second coat if necessary.

Painting porch floor with Wagner SMART Roller

Paint stencils using SMART edge roller

Once the floor is dry, map out a stencil pattern and load the SMART Edge Roller with white floor paint in a semigloss finish. Glide the roller over the stencil, applying light pressure to the roller handle to dispense paint. Continue until the floor is covered, wiping the excess paint off the stencil after two or three applications to prevent errors. We used the natural size of the stencil to map out the tile pattern. Use a pencil to mark the tile placement first and then place the stencil in the premarked spots as you go. A freshened-up entry can change the entire vibe for the entrance to your home. Make yours over today with Wagner tools.

Stencil Floor painting
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