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Pretty Painted Glass

Painting glass creates translucent privacy to any space with glass. Add character with a stencil and paint in any color you desire.



An old transom window is upstyled into a glass porch divider to separate a seating area from a dining space. Add the same style to interior windows, doors, and cabinet panels.


Clean glass panels

Clean the glass thoroughly before placing the stencil and applying paint.

Window Stencil Taped

Tape stencil to glass

Tape the stencil to the glass and protect painted frame with additional masking.

Stencil a window with a sprayer

Spray glass

Spray the stencil pattern using the detail nozzle. Hold the nozzle 3-5 inches from the glass surface when spraying.

spraying a window stencil with a Wagner Sprayer

Remove stencil

Remove the tape and stencil to reveal pattern.

Window Stencil


Painting glass creates eye-catching interest and can provide translucent privacy to any space where glass exists.

Window Stencil After
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