Preserving Greens in Resin for Holiday Decor

Learn how to preserve natural flowers, evergreens or greenery in resin to create unique holiday decor this season.

Brittany from by Brittany Goldwyn created a beautiful holiday decor piece by preserving fresh evergreen cuttings in resin.

Supplies Needed:

  • Wagner FURNO 500 Heat Gun
  • Two-part epoxy resin
  • Shallow tray
  • Black craft paint
  • Evergreen cuttings
  • “Happy Holidays” saying
  • Mixing cups and stirrers
  • Disposable gloves
  • Workspace protection

Step One

Prep your workspace by covering it with a protective material. For this project, I used a trash bag laid flat out over my table. Then I painted a plain shallow wooden tray black. I found this piece at a craft store. You can also make your own using scrap wood if you’d like. The important part is to make sure the tray has a lip to hold the resin in.

Step Two

Clip evergreen leaves and dry them thoroughly. You can dry your evergreen cuttings in a dehydrator, pressed in a book, using a flower press, or by hanging them to dry. They must be totally dry before sealing in resin, though.

You can also choose a centerpiece for your project. I chose a “Happy Holidays” saying printed in gold metallic vinyl. You can use anything you’d like—or just use more leaves!

Step Three

Measure and mix your two-part epoxy resin in a disposable cup using a disposable stirrer. When working with epoxy resin, make sure you’re working in a well-ventilated space. Wear gloves, and if your space isn’t well-ventilated, wear a mask.

Pour a layer onto the tray and add the elements to the tray. After the resin settles for about a minute, air bubbles will begin to appear. Use the FURNO 500 heat gun to pop them. I set mine to the lower of the two fan settings, second-lowest heat setting. Slowly aim at the air bubbles, and keep blowing on the resin for about a minute to pop any more bubbles that rise to the surface.

Step Four

Let the resin cure for about 6 hours. Then mix up a bit more resin and pour the final layer over the tray. This will ensure all of the elements are completely coated in resin. Follow the same process outlined in step 3 to pop air bubbles with the FURNO 500 heat gun.

After the piece cures for 24 hours, it is ready for handling and display!

This sponsored project was created by Brittany Goldwyn. To read more about this tutorial and get Brittany’s tips for using the FURNO 500 heat gun, visit by Brittany Goldwyn’s post: Preserving Leaves in Resin for Decor

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