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Pedestal Table Feature Image

Pedestal Table Makeover

Use cabinet paint on all types of wood surfaces for the most durable and long-lasting finish.



A pedestal table with a plain Jane look gets a fresh coat of paint using Benjamin Moore's new Kitchen Cabinet Coat paint in a lavender shade called, Snugglepuss. The Cabinet Coat paint has a lustrous shine like lacquer and a most intensely durable coated finish. Less than a quart of paint has recast this piece as a contemporary item. Best of all this paint comes in a huge array of colors.

Time of project start to finish: 2 hours.


Clean and prep table

Wipe table down thoroughly with tack cloth to remove any dirt and dust. Spray with spray shellac. Let dry thoroughly.

Pedestal Table Before Painting

Paint underside of table

Invert table on cloth or paper covered work surface. Fill sprayer detail front end with paint and turn the nozzle to the vertical spray pattern to spray the pedestal and feet. Hold the sprayer 7-10 inches from the surface of the furniture.

Step 2 Spraying bottom of table

Paint surface of table

Invert table to spray surface and edge of the table. Turn spray nozzle to horizontal spray pattern.

Step 3 Spraying Table Top

Overlap passes

When spraying furniture, always work in a left to right pattern gliding over the surface and overlapping previous pass.

Step 4 Spraying Table Top

Touch up

Touch up any light spots on the pedestal and legs.

Step 5 Spraying Table Legs

Smooth, durable finish

Spraying the table allows easy application into detailed areas and creates a smooth, durable finish.

Pedestal Table Edge

A new contemporary look

Style the table and enjoy the new, contemporary look you have brought into your space.

Pedestal Table After Painting
Products Used


Benjamin Moore, Snugglepuss, Kitchen Cabinet Coat Paint

Spray shellac

Tack cloth

Paint cloth

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