Patio with lights

Patio Light Bright

Patio lights are expensive and often the cords come only in brown. Next time you have a big spray project, prep your cords with a quick spray of paint and they'll blend seamlessly with any room.

Tools & Materials

Like any project, you will need the right tools and supplies to do the job right the first time. Because the sooner you finish the sooner you can get on with well, anything you want.

Flat Latex Paint

Paper Towels


Step 1 - Unplug Lights

Patio Lights

Unplug the lights from the socket before spraying.

Step 2 - Remove Bulbs from Sockets

Remove bulbs from sockets

Remove the bulbs from the cord and then fill the socket with paper towels to protect the hardware.


Step 1 - Spray Cord

Wagner Sprayer

Use your Wagner sprayer and spray the cord with a flat latex paint in the same color as the surrounding walls or furniture.

Painted Cord

Step 2 - Let Dry

Let the cords dry completely before removing the paper towels and replacing the bulbs.

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