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Painting & Stenciling Outbuilding

Painting large buildings on your property such as outbuildings, detached garages and pool houses.



Once the project is painted, it will be protected and keep your backyard looking great for years to come.


Shed before painting


painting a shed with colour

Set up the paint sprayer

Set up the Wagner FLEXiO 3000 Paint Sprayer. Set up the iSpray nozzle.

Prepare paint sprayer for painting a shed

Read and review

Read all instructions thoroughly including the tip sheets found around the nozzle and product manual.

FLEXiO Sprayer Instructions_wagner

Set up cup

Add cup liner to iSpray Nozzle and fill with paint.

Protect the grass and plants with a drop cloth.

how to paint a metal shed

Start Spraying

Set the sprayer at medium air capacity. Begin at the top of the wall and hold the sprayer 3-5 inches from the surface. Glide left to right, in a continuous motion. (If working on a ladder work in 2 to 3 foot swaths) Repeat spray motion left to right until surface area is covered. Let dry thoroughly.

how to repaint a shed with a paint sprayer

Add a Stencil

To apply stencil plan a pattern design that suites your sensibility If random design is desired then simply place stencil on surface and attach with push pins. If more symmetrical design is desired then use a pencil and ruler to better equally space stencil designs. Add push pins to stencil if any of the design cuts seem loose or saggy.

Placing Stencil On Surface

Set up Sprayer

Add new paint color to the cup. Start spraying the stencil area.

Painting stencil with Wagner FLEXIO Paint Sprayer

Clean up paint sprayer after complete

Quickly cleanup the sprayer. Follow these steps.

Products Used


Exterior Latex paint. Two colors dark shade and lighter shade

Oversized stencil

Push pins

Drop cloth

Step ladder

Extension cord

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