Painting a Balcony with the SMART Roller

Update a boring upstairs balcony by applying a fresh color with the Wagner SMART Roller.



Our upstairs balcony is a little bit boring. I wanted to breathe some new life into it with a deep moody color that would make the area stand out. I typically grab my Wagner paint sprayer, but this area has lots of doors and small wall spaces so I felt a roller would be better. I used the Wagner SMART Roller for this job and couldn’t be more pleased. The Wagner SMART Roller is so easy to use, it lets you paint right out of the can with no messy tray to tote around and clean up.


Assemble roller

The SMART Roller comes with a straw like device you clip onto the side of a gallon of paint and then the roller brush stick attached to it and you suck paint up into the handle. It’s genius. No more bending over and re-loading your brush, no more getting on and off the ladder to get more paint on your roller nap. And did I mention the great coverage!?


Fill roller tube, prime roller cover and begin rolling

Here are a few tips on getting started with your SMART Roller.

The first time you fill up your SMART Roller you need to sort of prime the pump, so don’t be afraid to pull the plunger back a few times to get a good flow going into the paint tube.

Next, it will take you a few squeezes of the lever to get the paint loaded into the roller nap, so keep squeezing and rolling until you get even coverage.

After that you just roll like you would with a normal paint roller, continuing to periodically squeeze the handle lever to load the roller brush.


Paint makes a difference

Get quality paint for one coat coverage. Paint really makes a difference in the look of your paint job but also the amount of work you have to put in. True one coat coverage is the best!

Clean up your SMART Roller with warm soapy water. I make sure to get extra roller naps. They are reusable if you clean them, but I’m so impatient with clean up I usually throw them away and start with a fresh one on each project. This tool really helps tremendously and between it and my paint sprayer I LOVE to paint!


Make your home shine!

Hope these tips help you tackle a boring spot in your home and make it shine!!

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