Bathroom Makeover feature Wagner Paint Sprayer

Painting a Bathroom

Give your bathroom a whole new look in just an afternoon.



Meg from Green With Decor painted her bathroom in just an afternoon using our FLEXiO 3000 paint sprayer.


Bathroom before painting


Bathroom Makeover feature Wagner Paint Sprayer

Prep your space

Tape off your room with pre-taped masking film, painter’s tape and drop cloth to cover any areas where you don’t want paint, including the floor, ceiling and trim.

Tape off a room before painting

Prep the paint

Stir your paint. Pour it in the sprayer’s paint cup.

Stir paint and pour into container

Assemble the sprayer

Put your FELXiO 3000 paint sprayer together. The suction tube should be facing toward the back of the sprayer if you’re painting upward and facing forward if you’re painting downward.

paint sprayer set up

Adjust sprayer settings

Adjust your paint sprayer’s settings. The paint speed should be at about a 6 for painting interior walls.

Wagner FLEXiO Ready to Spray

Begin painting

Paint your walls, standing about 6-8 inches from the wall.

painting a bathroom with a paint sprayer

Select spray pattern

Use a wide spray pattern for painting walls and a narrower spray pattern near the edges and corners.

Spraying with Wagner FLEXiO

Wipe with damp cloth

Wipe the sprayer with a damp paper towel every once in a while to get rid of any dried bits of paint.

When done, clean your paint sprayer.

Wagner Paint Sprayer

Remove masking

Take down the painter’s tape and pre-masked film.

For more details on this project, head to Green With Decor’s post: How to paint a bathroom with a paint sprayer.

Bathroom after painting
Products Used



Drop cloth

Pre-taped masking film

Painter's tape

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