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How to Paint a Wrought Iron Fence

Discover the best way to paint a wrought iron fence to last through the summer. Achieve a smooth finish and get the project done quickly with a sprayer.



It's Spring which means it's time to tackle some outdoor home projects. An easy way to give any yard a quick update is to paint your fence, and in my case that's our wrought iron fence. Here's how to do it using the Wagner FLEXiO 3000 Sprayer.


Prep your fence

Prep The Surface Before Spraying Paint

Before painting your fence you'll need to clean it. If you have a pressure washer, then this is a great time to use it. Otherwise, use your hose to thoroughly clean the fence, and let it dry completely before painting. Also, you'll also want to trim back any plants or weeds.

Wagner Flexio 3000 paint sprayer for painting a fence

Prep your Wagner FLEXiO 3000 Sprayer

Use a Paint for Metal Surfaces

Start by using a Wagner Spray Cup Liner, and pour the paint into the liner. I used a Black Semi-gloss outdoor exterior paint which was intended for metal. You'll also want to use the larger spray cup since this is a bigger job. After the sprayer is ready, start painting your wrought iron fence. Make sure to work slowly, going up and down each post.

Woman spraying wrought iron fence with Wagner paint sprayer

The Finishing Touches Matter

Remember to Paint Both Sides of the Fence

The best way to make sure wrought iron has full coverage is to paint both sides of the fence. While doing this make sure to paint at different angles on each side. After my fence was complete I added some matching mulch and solar lights to help transform my backyard.

The entire fence makeover only took a couple of hours, and most of that was prep work! That's why I love working with my Wagner FLEXiO 3000 Paint Sprayer. It's amazing at tackling these larger projects and I love how easy I was able to transform my backyard fence.

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Wrought iron fence after painting with a paint sprayer
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