How to Paint Window Trim

Learn how to paint window trim to transform your space and achieve a super smooth finish by using the FLEXiO 3000 paint sprayer.

Hello! My name is Emily and I share decorating and organizing projects at Small Stuff Counts. I recently installed new window trim in our builder-grade house and gave the trim a smooth, professional finish with the help of the Wagner FLEXiO paint sprayer.

If you’re installing new window trim or baseboards in your house, let me tell you all about how to use a paint sprayer to get that professional finish you’re looking for.


Step One: Set Up Your Workspace

Painting the trim before installing it is a big time saver as opposed to painting it all by hand. Plus, you’ll get a smoother paint job with your sprayer. I set up my spray tent in the garage and covered the floor with a plastic drop cloth.

Arrange your trim on the floor, leaving a small space in between each board so you can paint the edges. Use scrap boards underneath to raise the trim up off of the floor a bit.

Step Two: Adjust the Settings on your FLEXiO

Unpack your FLEXiO and attach the iSpray nozzle. Then pour your semi-gloss trim paint into the plastic cup.

Consult the instruction manual for the proper settings for your paint. Then do a few test sprays to check that the paint is spraying evenly and make any necessary adjustments.

Step Three: Paint Your Trim

Spray your trim moving from side to side across the boards. Try to maintain a consistent distance from the trim and keep your arm straight while painting.

I painted two coats on the tops and sides of the boards facing me, then flipped them over once dry and painted the other two sides. My trim came already primed so you may need more coats depending on the material you are working with.

Once the trim is painted, you can go ahead and install it around your windows! Take a look at this before and after:



For more details on how to install this Craftsman style window trim, take a look at my blog post here: How to Trim a Window. It’s a beginner-friendly project with no complicated angled cuts!

Adding or upgrading window trim is a great way to elevate the look of your home. I love how this project turned out and the paint is as smooth and professional as can be thanks to my FLEXiO paint sprayer.

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