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how to paint a room fast with the ez roller

How to Paint a Room Fast (with the EZ Roller Paint Stick)

Learn how to quickly paint a room using your Wagner PaintStick EZ Roller to get the job done 2X faster than a manual roller.



We’re going to paint a big room today… 15 x 17 in a matter of a few hours. In fact, we’re painting my Mom’s living room with 2 coats of paint and the entire process took about 5 hours (including a lunch break!). The best part? The ugly gold paint that has been in this room since Mom bought the house 10 years ago is finally gone! And the Sea Salt paint color Mom picked is absolutely beautiful.

But in order to get from ugly gold to beautiful sea salt we’ll need to prep Mom’s living room and paint it from top to bottom. So I’m going to walk you through all the steps: from moving the furniture out of the way, taping the molding, cutting in the edges and painting the walls with my new PaintStick EZ Roller. My secret weapon to painting quickly and easily (without the mess). Ready to get started?


living room makeover


after living room makeover

Prep the Space

Before we get started with the painting we need to spend a few minutes prepping the room. That means moving any furniture out of the way, wiping down the walls to remove any dust and dirt and taping off the molding.

If you’re a really excellent painter you may skip taping the trim but for most of us painters tape is our friend.

Then fill any holes with putty and sand any rough spots and we’re good to go.

prepping the room

Cut in the Trim

Ready for the paint? Let’s get started by grabbing a brush and cutting in the edges of the room. Basically we’re going to paint (as straight as possible) right next to the trim (baseboards and crown molding) or ceiling.

Make sure that you’re painting a 3-4 inch strip next to your trim so that we can roll right into this cut line for a flawless (brush stroke free) finish. The EZ Roller we’re using leaves a silky smooth finish on the wall so we don’t want to switch from silky smooth to brush stroke city. A wide cut line lets us feather the edges for a smooth transition.

cutting in around the trim

Setup your EZ Roller Paint Stick

Ready for the fun part? This little EZ Roller Paint Stick paints a 8x10 wall without needing a refill and it’s twice as fast as a standard roller. PLUS you don’t need a paint tray so say goodbye mess and hello to saving time.

My two favorite things!

To use this little paint stick you’ll insert the paint straw directly into your can of paint and make sure it clips under the edge. Then you’ll place the nozzle directly over the end of the paint straw (make sure there’s a tight seal!) now pull the plunger to fill the handle with paint.

Now you’re ready to roll!

painting a room with ez roller

Paint your Wall

Go ahead and squeeze the handle of your EZ Paint Stick to fill the roller cover with paint. It took almost a full handle to fully saturate the roller cover and give me good coverage but once the roller cover was fully covered watch out! This baby can paint!

Make sure to paint floor to ceiling as often as possible and make sure to overlap your paint strokes for the best coverage.

I found that I needed to squeeze the handle for more paint every time I moved the roller over for another stripe of the wall… which worked perfectly for me. I also loved (loved, loved, loved) not needing a paint tray. It was soooo much easier to simply squeeze the handle then have to roll my roller and risk dripping paint everywhere on the way back to the wall.

painting wall with ez roller


Go ahead and work your way around the room cutting in and rolling each wall as you go… we did two coats of paint with my new little EZ Roller Paint Stick and it took 5 hours to complete the entire room (with a lunch break). Which is amazing when you think about it.

It took about 5 hours to do a single coat of paint in Mom’s bathroom (which is much smaller) with a regular roller. The EZ Roller Paint Stick is definitely my new speedy little secret weapon.

After the second coat of paint had dried we moved everything back and added a bit of molding (which I painted with my FLEXiO 3500) for the finished look. The new Sea Salt paint color is so much brighter than the old disgusting gold. Mom wanted to get rid of that gold 10 years ago… and if we’d known painting would be this easy we might have done this little update sooner!

This sponsored post was created by Happily Ever After Etc. Head to the blog for the full post and details.

how to paint a room fast
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