How to Paint Rattan Furniture

Learn how to easily paint your rattan furniture with no brushes required! Instead use a Wagner paint sprayer to reach into all the nooks and crannies.



It’s a fresh new year and that means it’s time to tackle some projects in your home. If you want a great way to refresh your space without breaking the bank then move your furniture around!


Use what you have

I love to use what I have and move pieces to new rooms for a fresh feel. It’s also fun to add in some thrifted or garage sale finds for a new look. Sometimes moving furniture can cause a hodgepodge look, but that is easily remedied with a fresh coat of paint to unify a room.


Rattan is easy to update

Rattan is a beautiful kind of furniture that is easy to update with the right tools, like a Wagner paint sprayer. This room had a mix of furniture, but a nice, sleek black coat of paint created a cohesive style that anchored the room...and it only took an afternoon!


Painting tips

If you are nervous about attempting your first painted furniture piece, here are some great tips to take the fear away and get you to a fresh room in no time!

Whenever I can paint outside I do, if I can't I use a spray tent in the garage. Here I was able to lay out all her rattan furniture and spray it at once.

Use good quality paint for one coat coverage.


Use a paint sprayer

Use a paint sprayer. You'd have to be really handy with a brush to navigate all the round pieces and rattan straps on this type of furniture and have it turn out without a ton of drips and streaks. I use the Wagner FLEXiO 5000 Paint Sprayer and love it.


Practice spraying

Practice spraying a bit before you start painting your piece. A scrap piece of cardboard works great to make sure your spray force and pattern are correct.

I like to start my furniture painting projects bottoms up. By that I mean flip your furniture wrong side up and start there. It lets you get a little practice in and allows the best side to be finished last. Rattan needs to be sprayed from a variety of angles and directions for the best coverage possible. Make sure you walk around your rattan or wicker pieces and spray them from all sides.


Just add paint and go

There is no need to thin your paint with the Wagner sprayer. You can adjust the air force to throw more or less paint and you can adjust the material flow to increase or decrease the amount of paint flowing through the sprayer. It's awesome.

Spray your rattan piece holding the sprayer 3 to 5 inches from the furniture surface. It feels closer than you think it should, but this controls the paint, allows for less over-spray and gets amazing coverage. Just practice first so you aren't sputtering paint or spraying so much it drips.


Spraying tips

Move in nice even motions, staying the same distance from the surface throughout your movements.

Wipe the nozzle frequently with a damp rag so the spray pattern stays full and clean. This little trick really helps!

Allow paint to dry completely in between coats before flipping the furniture over.


More info

Don’t be afraid to make things, new - it is so rewarding, money saving and adds your personal style to your space!

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