Lattice Feature Wall Feature Image

How to Paint a Lattice Feature Wall

To get a unique lattice wall look, we simply purchased grid lattice from our local home improvement store and used the Wagner tools.



Using everyday items as inspiration, you can transform a plain wall into a feature wall with a little paint and Wagner sprayer.


Spray base color

Spray the wall with an even coat of yellow paint using the Wagner FLEXiO 5000. Let dry.

Lattice Wall Step 1

Attach lattice to wall

Mount the lattice on the wall using small finishing nails.

Lattice Wall Step 2

Spray second paint color

Spray the wall and over the lattice with a cream colored paint. Let dry thoroughly and then remove the nails and lattice. Fill the nail holes.

Lattice Wall Step 3

Decorate and enjoy

Once wall is complete, replace furniture and decorate your newly refreshed space.

Lattice Feature Wall Feature Image
Products Used


Choice of paint colors

Wood lattice

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