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House Spray Painting Party

Turn a chore like painting your house into a fun party for your family and friends.

Gather friends, family, and food to upstyle your home with a fresh coat of paint and get your house ready for the seasons ahead. Many hands make light and FUN work! Assemble all your ladders, extension cords, sanding discs, and Wagner FLEXiO Paint Sprayer paint sprayers in one place. To determine the amount of paint needed to paint your home, provide the square footage of your home to your paint dealer.

Family House Painting Party

Ladder with Paint Sprayer

STEP 1: Sanding

Turn a chore into an afternoon delight. Use the Wagner PaintEATER® to easily loosen flaking paint and create a smooth surface for a fresh coat. Fun paint shirts were gathered at a thrift shop to give the guests a team feel. Everyone gets a turn sanding and changing up the sanding disc. The PaintEATER® glides easily over the surface without gouging or over sanding the siding.

Sanding Step 1

Sanding House Siding before

PaintEATER for sanding siding

Sanding House Siding with Family

Sanding the house siding

STEP 2: Painting

The spraying process has two applications. Using a FLEXiO® sprayer, which draws off a 5 gallon bucket of paint, spray the bare wood surfaces with primer to seal them from the elements. Then spray the house with a latex exterior paint. The FLEXiO® is lightweight and easy to maneuver, especially from a ladder and for hard to reach places. Drop cloths are essential for covering items like bulkheads and patio stones where paint spills are not wanted. Let all your guests take turns trying the sprayer.

Drop Cloth Prep

Spraying House Siding with FLEXiO

Spraying House Siding with the Wagner FLEXiO

FLEXiO Sprayer

STEP 3: Partying

Hard work will create a hungry crowd. Have plenty of icy drinks on hand and easy make-ahead foods that are delicious and can be replenished in a jiff. Keep the theme by using red, white and blue dishes. Pulled pork on a bun with cole slaw, fresh fruit salad, raspberry squares, watermelon, and a cake that looks like a burger will be tempting to all your house painters.

Painting Party Meal

Sprayer with Hamburger Cake

Pulled Pork Meal for House Painting Party

House Painting Party Fruit

Hamburger Cake

House Painting Party Pinterest

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