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How to Paint a Garage Door

Boost your curb appeal by painting your garage door a new, refreshing color. Get the job done quickly using a Wagner paint sprayer.


Overview of painting a garage door

Jenn from Bachelorette Pad Flip recently updated her curb appeal for $0 in less than an hour with Wagner’s FLEXiO 3000! By using some leftover paint, she completely updated her garage door giving her house a whole new curb appeal!


Clean and prepare garage door for painting

Clean the garage door. Since garage doors are exposed to the elements, they tend to accumulate dust, pollen, & debris. With a damp cloth, wipe clean the entire door.

Tape off the edges of garage door. Since there will be overspray from the sprayer, seal off surrounding areas with masking paper and painter’s tape. This includes the ground where the garage door touches.

How to Paint a garage door

Fill paint sprayer with paint

Now it’s the fun part- painting time! Fill your FLEXiO 3000 with desired exterior paint. I used approximately a quart for 2 coats. Start by spraying either left to right or top to bottom. This helps to ensure you don’t miss a spot. If there are any crevices, like on mine with the grids, you may need to spray directly on those crevices.

Let the garage door fully dry. Once you have finished the 1st coat of paint, let it completely dry. This took approximately 30 minutes for me.

Painting garage door with Wagner paint sprayer

Apply 2nd coat of paint

Apply a 2nd coat of paint. For durable, long-lasting coverage, apply a 2nd coat of paint. After the 1st coat was fully dried, I sprayed a 2nd coat of paint in the same direction that I sprayed the 1st coat. Let 2nd coat dry thoroughly before using garage door.

Before the 2nd coat is totally cured, carefully remove the painter’s tape & masking paper. Touch up any areas that may have been covered by the paper & tape.

This sponsored post was created by The Bachelorette Pad Flip. To read more about this project, including a video of the entire process, visit Jenn’s blog, Bachelorette Pad Flip.

Painted garage door with paint sprayer
Products Used


Painter’s tape

Masking paper

Exterior grade paint of your choice

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