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outdoor entertainment table

Outdoor Entertainment Bar

Learn how to create and paint an outdoor entertainment bar to treat your guests this summer. Use a Wagner sprayer to get the project done quick.



We’ve been hard at work these last few weeks putting together everything for our new deck. The construction was recently completed, the furniture arrived and we’re now in the stage of just putting the final touches on our new outdoor space just in time for summer.

This weekend I completed a quick and easy project but one that adds quite a bit of functionality to the space. I updated an outdoor table using my FLEXiO 3000 Paint Sprayer to create an outdoor entertaining bar that matched the aesthetic of our deck. I had ordered an affordable outdoor console table to use for serving, to hold dish overflow, and to use as an outdoor bar but the warm wood color of it didn’t match with our deck and decor which is in tones of gray, black and white.


wooden outdoor table


outdoor entertainment bar

Choose a color and set up your tent

I knew the color would be an easy problem to fix. Paint is an inexpensive way to change the look of any piece of furniture so I set up my Wagner Studio Spray Tent and used my FLEXiO 3000 Paint Sprayer to quickly give this table a fresh look. I used an outdoor formula paint in an off the shelf white.

table with sprayer and tent

Thin paint if needed

The FLEXIO Sprayer set up is simple, this model even comes with disposable plastic bag liners for the paint canister which makes cleanup a breeze. I thinned the paint I used with a small amount of water, as it seems to be a little thicker than a regular indoor paint but otherwise it sprayed on super fast and easily. The Studio Spray Tent is so useful when repainting furniture as not only does it protect the surrounding area but it also covers the floor from any overspray.

wagner paint sprayer on table

Paint full coats and let dry

We gave the table two full coats and let it dry well, then we moved it out onto the deck.

man painting table with sprayer

Set up your refreshed piece

It's so nice to have an overflow area now to keep the dinner table less cluttered when we eat out here. We also entertain frequently so this spot will be perfect for holding drinks or for serving food.

outdoor entertainment table


This was a fast and easy project and the outdoor paint should give it durability against the elements for years to come. We’ve already used it several times just serving family dinners, though we look forward to hosting friends and family here at some point in the future.

This sponsored post was created by 11 Magnolia Lane. You can see more easy paint and DIY projects over on our website 11 Magnolia Lane.

outdoor entertainment bar close up
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