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office after painting

Office Makeover with the SMART Sidekick

Learn how to transform your office space the easy way using a Wagner SMART Sidekick roller to easily get the job done and transform the space.



Room makeovers can be challenging for a variety of reasons, including picking a paint color, painting the walls without making a mess, buying new décor, or deciding what to keep or get rid of.

When doing room makeovers for friends and family, that also presents a challenge because the room makeover must incorporate bits and pieces of the person who will use the room.

Doing a room makeover for a spouse poses its own challenges because you may want the room one way, your spouse may want the room a different way.

There might be some resistance, at first, (as was the case with this office makeover for my husband), but if you bring in elements that compliment who they are, what they value, and what they appreciate, the makeover will be a huge success!


My husband’s office had become the “catch all” for the house, where discarded furniture and belongings that needed to be donated would end up. He works from home and needs a place that was clean, tidy, and a room in which he would feel comfortable for 8+ hours a day. Here’s what the room looked like before getting started.

office before painting

Thankfully, by the end of the office makeover, my husband loved his brand-new office!

office after painting

For this office makeover, I teamed up with one of my favorite sponsors, Wagner, to transform this office space, using their Smart Sidekick Roller to create that gorgeous accent wall! Let's walk through all the features that really pulled this office makeover together!

For the walls, I wanted to bright then up with a fresh white. The easiest way to paint a room quickly and efficiently, without spills or drops, is with the Wagner Smart Sidekick Roller. Out of the box it’s easy to get started right away. I love using the Sidekick roller because its hose sucks up the paint directly from the paint can (you can use either a 1-gallon or 5-gallon bucket). The direct feed keeps the paint flowing through the tube to the roller so you never have to stop and reload while in the middle of painting a wall.

wagner smart roller

Imagine being on a ladder in a stair well or a room with huge ceilings. Nothing is more frustrating and dangerous to climb up and down a step ladder to reload. With the Smart Sidekick you never have to get down to reload, until your paint can or 5-gallon bucket is empty. :)

Most spills and splatters happen when reloading the paint roller, too. But with the Sidekick, the continuous flow of paint (at the push of a button) eliminates the paint from splattering or dripping everywhere.

I still like to use butcher paper or plastic, when I'm painting, for any unexpected accidents, but you can be sure that there will be little, if any, mess to clean up off the floor.

setting up wagner roller

You'll also notice that the white paint is brighter than the slightly tan color that was previously on the walls. For this office makeover, the walls were going to be a brighter white to reflect more of the miniscule amount of sunlight to comes into the office. When changing paint colors, be sure to wash the Smart Sidekick out with cycles of hot soapy water, followed by clean hot water, to prevent the previous paint from contaminating the new paint color. You may reuse the same roller cover after it’s washed clean.

painting walls

For the accent wall color, I chose Behr English Channel, which was going to be perfect! It’s best to add two coats of paint to the wall for a rich, even color.

behr paint can

To get started painting, I used an angled paint brush to cut in around the window molding and where the walls met the ceiling, and in the corners.

cutting in with paint

Next, I used the Sidekick roller to layer on two coats of paint, letting it dry in between coats.

painting walls with smart sidekick

Room makeovers are a great opportunity to make some DIY wall art! For my husband’s office, I wanted to frame a painting that he had bought about 10 years ago from Ghana, my husband’s home country.

office decor

Framing art is very expensive! Doing it yourself, while not professional, can still yield awesome results that won’t cost much money! To frame the painting, I cut 1”x3” boards and created a frame (use a Kreg Pocket Hole or simply use wood glue and clamp until it dries).

diy office picture frame

Staple the painting to the frame evenly, using heavy duty staples. Pull the painting tight over the frame to get out any wrinkles.

framed wall art

Cut and stain additional 1”x3” boards to create a frame around the wooden stapled art.

stained frame

Use a brad nailer with brad nails to secure the wood to the frame, leaving a small lip hanging over the art.

nailing frame

I also found some other paintings that we had that were not being used to hang on the accent wall. They colors complimented the blue accent wall perfectly!

office decor and wall

Once the walls were decorated, it was time to upgrade my husband’s desk. I brought into the office a standing desk that had been located in our family room. With this standing desk, he will be able to sit and stand at various times throughout the day for better health!

office after

A shelf over his desk, bought at the thrift store, allows him to keep a few favorite books, a picture of his favorite woman (wink, wink), and some greenery.

shelf over desk

Because the standing desk doesn't have drawers (and hubby liked the drawers on his old busted up desk), I went to IKEA and found two small office cabinets with additional storage.

office after

I made a few other changes to the room, too:

•Bought a neutral rug that wouldn’t compete with the artwork on the walls.

•Freshened up the window with new white curtains I had on hand.

•Added spray painted knobs to the closet doors (the knobs had been missing).

•Painted the ceiling fan blades a bright white.

office decor

Room makeovers are fun yet can be challenging when you’re doing them for someone else, like a spouse, or an older child. For a successful room makeover, choose the right products, like a Wagner Smart Sidekick Roller to make the painting easier and faster. And be sure to work elements into the room that represent the person who will be using the room. Get them involved. Ask them what colors they like best. Let them be a part of the process. When the room is complete, they’ll be thankful for the amazing change in their space!

This sponsored post was created by Thrift Diving. Head to the blog for the full post and details!

office after painting
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