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nursery accent wall makeover

Nursery Makeover with Feature Wall

Decorating a nursery doesn't have to be a long process. Learn how to quickly and easily update a nursery with an accent wall, new paint and new decor.

DIFFICULTY: Intermediate


Decorating a nursery is one of the exciting milestones preparing for baby, but it doesn’t have to be a weeks (or months!) long process. This nursery was given fresh life with a moulding wall, a soft blue paint, and some Winnie the Pooh themed decor in just a few days. We used the Wagner FLEXiO 5000 for an incredibly smooth finish on the geometric moulding wall.


blank nursery wall


after nursery makeover

Design Your Moulding Wall

We used painters tape to lay out the moulding accent wall design. Move the tape around as much as you like before getting to work on actually installing it!

design molding wall

Install Your Moulding Wall

Install your moulding wall using a brad nailer to make for easy removal down the road. We used door stop for the thin modern moulding and made sure to fill nail holes and caulk seams.

nail molding to wall

Mask off Your Room

We masked the entire room to make spraying a breeze. While the centre of the room could have been ignored, I did kick over the paint can there and am glad I just masked it all. I like to use flooring paper for the floor and thin plastic sheeting for the ceiling. Thin plastic sheeting is also great for doors, windows, and trim. Rough surface painters tape is great for keeping paper in place on carpet. To get a beautifully clean line, I like to lay one line of tape on the ceiling edge, paying close attention to a clean line, then I go back and tape the plastic over that.

accent wall design

Set Up Your Paint Sprayer

For this space, we used the Wagner FLEXiO 5000 to make painting the moulding accent wall… and all the walls a breeze! As with any paint sprayer project, take time to adjust your settings and test the spray pattern before moving on to your wall. In this case, I just used a piece of flooring paper for this. I like to start with a high air pressure, low paint flow, then adjust up the paint flow until I get a spray pattern I like. Once you’re happy, you can move on to the wall.

painting nursery with a paint sprayer

Paint the Room

The paint sprayer gives such a beautiful smooth finish on the moulding wall. No switching back and forth between a paintbrush and roller- it’s a time saver and your finished project will look more professional. To get all the nooks, edges, and corners of the geometric moulding wall, make sure to aim the spray at each of the faces. If you spray flat or straight towards the wall, the sides of the moulding will not get even coverage. I like to work in sections, spraying the edges of a section of the moulding wall, then systematically filling that section in. This room took two coats and only one can of paint for an even coverage. As much as possible, I try to spray one coat in a vertical spray pattern and the other in a horizontal spray pattern to get an even coverage.

painting nursery with a paint sprayer

Remove your Masking and Decorate!

The most exciting step is removing the masking. The whole room brightens as the plastic and paper come off and you get to see your vision come to life! You can see more details on this room makeover including the decorations in this post.

finished accent wall makeover
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