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New Homeowner’s Guide to Personalizing Your Home

New Homeowner’s Guide to Personalizing a Home

Learn how to personalize your new home by painting, staining and remodeling walls, ceilings, furniture, decks, fences, and more using Wagner tools.



Purchasing your first home is an exciting time and marks the beginning of new adulthood adventures! You can easily put a stamp on your new space by making it your own with DIY projects. Rather than spend hundreds (or thousands!) of dollars hiring a contractor to do the remodeling, you can follow these tips and suggestions for easy hacks that will guide you through the process of updating your home’s interior and exterior on the cheap.



One of the first things you’ll want to do is paint the walls in your home. This simple project makes a big impact and allows you to personalize your color choices to coordinate with the rest of your home decor.

New Homeowner's Guide to Personalizing Home

Painting walls

The best part is that you don’t have to hire a professional painter to get the job done! Just make sure you have drop cloths, masking supplies, and painting tools. There are a variety of rollers or sprayers that you can use to get the job done quickly, easily, and mess-free!

New Homeowner’s Guide to Personalizing Your Home

Removing wallpaper

If the wall has wallpaper that needs to be removed , you can also accomplish that task yourself by using a steamer.

DIY Mom Gift Guide

Getting creative

You can even get creative and create a unique accent wall using stencils, wood, or ship lap. This instantly creates a statement piece for your home!

Lattice Feature Wall Feature Image

Painting ceilings

Don’t forget that ceilings can make a big impact too! Whether you need to touch up the paint or you want to add a unique pop of color, painting your new home’s ceilings is a great idea for the first time homeowner.


Refinishing furniture

Remember all of that old furniture that you brought over from your apartment, parent’s home, or got as hand-me-down cast offs from family members? Rather than go out and buy brand new furniture, you can transform the furniture that you already have! With a little bit of paint, you can instantly update tables, dressers, chairs, fabric and so much more.

New Homeowner’s Guide to Personalizing Your Home

Painting trim and doors

The next step? Interior doors and trim. Apply a fresh coat of paint to make your trim pop and your interior doors look like new! The possibilities and color combinations are endless.

Finished Patina Doors

Painting kitchen and bathroom cabinets

Painting your kitchen and bathroom cabinets may seem like a big project, but it’s so easy when you have the right tools! We recommend using a Wagner paint sprayer to receive a smooth, flawless paint or stain finish on the surface that wouldn’t be possible with a brush! Plus, by using a sprayer you’ll save countless hours of painting time.

New Homeowner’s Guide to Personalizing Your Home

Outdoor projects - painting a front door

Your front door is one of the first things your guests see so of course you’ll want to make it look pretty! You can easily paint your new home’s front door to boost your curb appeal and provide a new look that suits your style.

New Homeowner’s Guide to Personalizing Your Home

Staining a deck

Staining your new deck is a project that will require yearly upkeep. No one likes relaxing or entertaining guests on a weathered deck so make sure you take the proper steps to keep your deck maintained with a fresh stain job! This can easily be accomplished DIY style with a stain sprayer and surface prep tools.

If you have a pergola, the same rules apply! A fresh coat of stain is the perfect way to make your exterior wood structures pop.


Painting or staining outdoor furniture

When you throw your first outdoor party in the new home, you’ll want your guests to have something nice to sit on! Make sure your outdoor furniture is in pristine condition by painting or staining your lawn and patio furniture. This is another great way to customize furniture with your own personal style. Do you want rainbow colored Adirondack chairs? Just paint them!

New Homeowner’s Guide to Personalizing Your Home

Painting or staining a fence

If your new home has a fence then you can use paint or stain to make it stand out in the backyard! This is another project that will require yearly upkeep so we recommend using a sprayer rather than using a regular brush. You’ll have this yearly project done in a fraction of the time by using a sprayer, plus walk away with a superior finish with no brush marks! In fact, using a Wagner sprayer is 10x faster than using a brush!

A woman touching up parts of the completed wooden fence project with a wagner paint sprayer

Painting siding

We’ve saved the best project for last: painting your exterior siding. This may seem like a big project for a first time homeowner, but you can have the job done quickly by using a Wagner paint sprayer and save thousands of dollars versus hiring a contractor. Painting your exterior siding is the ultimate way to boost your curb appeal and personalize your home exterior in a dramatic way (and maybe make your neighbors jealous!).

New Homeowner’s Guide to Personalizing Your Home

Start Diying

We hope you enjoyed these first time homeowner tips on how to personalize your new home on the cheap! The next steps? Start DIYing!

New Homeowner's Guide to Personalize a New Home
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