A Modern DIY Furniture Flip

Learn how to paint and update a modern sideboard buffet to make it match the rest of your home decor. Use a Wagner sprayer to achieve a great finish.

DIFFICULTY: Intermediate


Hey everyone, this is Lindi from Love Create Celebrate! We found a free piece of furniture last year that we could not pass up. Anytime we see free furniture in decent shape, we feel the need to rescue and revamp it!





Update the structure of your piece

We did a small makeover on this piece previously to remove the damaged drawers in the center and add a shelf, but we still weren’t loving the piece. It just didn’t feel like it belonged in our home yet, so we decided to give it a second makeover.

This time we chiseled off the old handles, added our own wood slats to the front, and painted the piece to give it a much more contemporary look.

remove old handles

Spray with primer

Since we had to prime and paint between all of the slats we had created we definitely wanted to use our FLEXIO 5000 for the job! With the sprayer it was much easier and faster to get paint into all of the grooves with just one coat.

Since we were using a thick primer, we used the iSpray nozzle which has the power to spray unthinned paints. Generally, you'll want to use the Detail Finish nozzle when spraying furniture since it'll give you a nice, smooth professional finish.

painting with sprayer

Spray with paint color of choice

We went with a deep black colour and the piece looked absolutely amazing when we were done! If you’re inspired to paint your own furniture piece, we shared a ton of furniture painting tips (including what do to if the drawers don’t fit after painting them!), in a video and post at Love Create Celebrate!

This sponsored post was created by Love Create Celebrate. Head to the blog for the full post and details.

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