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Mini Garden Shed Makeover

Store your gardening supplies in style by creating a rustic mini shed. Use a Wagner FLEXiO sprayer to paint and seal the space.

DIFFICULTY: Intermediate


Gardening tools may be dirty, but that doesn't mean their storage space needs to be! Judi, a Wagner employee, recently made her dream a reality by creating, painting, and decorating a mini shed to store her garden supplies. It makes the perfect addition to her outdoor living space!


Build shed

Judi started by building the mini shed from reclaimed wood.


Finished product

This is what the shed looked like once it was assembled.


Paint inside

Now for the fun part...painting! Judi used the Wagner FLEXiO 570 paint sprayer to quickly paint the interior with a gorgeous white paint. Thanks to the sprayer, Judi had the entire interior painted in a fraction of the time it would have taken with a brush!

For the upgraded model to the FLEXiO 570, be sure to check out the FLEXiO 2000.


Add rustic touches

With the interior brightly painted, Judi decorated with rustic decor to add personality to her garden shed.


Get in the mood

The rustic elements really get you in the mood for summer gardening projects!


Look at that paint job!

Plus, they stand out nicely against the smooth paint job.


Seal exterior

The next step: Judi is going to seal the exterior of the structure with the FLEXiO paint sprayer so that the wood will be protected from the elements.


Cute farmhouse theme

She will be using a clear coat, which will show off the rustic wood and add to the farmhouse theme she was intending.

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