Different sized wood snowflakes on display

How to Make Wooden Snowflakes

Learn how to make wooden snowflakes to hang on your walls this holiday season to create unique, festive decor.

Want to deck your halls with DIYs this holiday season? Emily from Two Purple Couches used her FLEXiO 5000 sprayer to paint her DIY wood snowflakes to create a festive, snowy scene for Christmas.

Learn how to make wooden snowflakes to hang on your walls this winter season to create unique, festive decor

Supplies Needed:

How Big or Small Do You Want Your Snowflakes?

To make your DIY wooden snowflakes, cut the boards depending on how large you want your snowflakes to be. For reference, my largest wood snowflakes are made with 2-ft long boards. Cut a slightly wider board into triangles and rectangles to use for the snowflake details.

Outlining and preparing boards for DIY Wooden Snowflakes

Layer the boards together at roughly 60-degree angles. Glue together with wood glue, clamp in the center, and allow to dry.

Gluing and clamping together wood snowflakes

Attach the decorative pieces to each snowflake “arm” using hot glue.

Hot glue decorative pieces to make wooden snowflakes unique

Use a Wagner Paint Sprayer and Spray Tent to Paint Your Snowflakes

Select the Detail Finish nozzle on your Wagner FLEXiO 5000 paint sprayer. Stir and pour paint into the paint cup. You don’t need a special kind of paint for this project—I used leftover white interior latex paint. Adjust the Air Power dial to medium, and the Material Flow to low to begin. You can always increase or decrease these as-needed while you work, based on how your paint is flowing through the nozzle.

Hold the nozzle a few inches from each snowflake. Move back and forth slowly to cover all sides and edges as best you can. I held each snowflake up to try and get the sides, but still had to do some touch-ups with a brush once they were dry. All those decorative pieces create a lot of edges to coat!
For indoor paint sprayer projects, use the Wagner Studio Spray Shelter to avoid extra clean up and messes .

Paint sprayers make DIY wood snowflakes & other DIY craft projects easier

Add Creative Finishes, Like Glitter

While the paint is still wet, you can sprinkle glitter over each snowflake for some extra shimmer. Allow to dry overnight before displaying.

DIY wood snowflakes hung and displayed on wall

For Detailed Instructions on How to Make Snowflakes

This sponsored project was created by Two Purple Couches. For more details about how to make your own giant wood snowflakes, visit Two Purple Couches.

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