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How to Make Oversized Ornaments

Vintage ornaments inspired the horizontal stripes, but you can get creative with alternate patterns.

This oversized ornament is made from an unfinished wooden décor piece from a craft store. Design and paint it to decorate walls and doors or to hang from the ceiling as party décor. You will need a wooden ornament, blue painter's tape and several shades of latex paint.


Spray all the unfinished pieces with white primer and then let the ornament dry completely.

Oversized Ornament before painting


Tape off preferred design using tape. We used a horizontal striped design, but you could create vertical patters and diamond shapes.

Oversized Ornaments with tape


Spray first color with the FLEXiO® 890 sprayer. Keep spray head three inches from surface and glide over surface in even, measured passes. Use the lowest spray setting for the most control. A Wagner sprayer will provide the cleanest, crispest stencil relief.

Spray Painted Ornament


Let dry thoroughly. Re-tape the surface and spray with a contrasting color. Let it dry, hang and enjoy! Kids will love to help create this fun striped ornament. Have them use tape to mask off their own designs.

Spraying Oversized Ornament

Oversized Ornaments Final

Oversized Ornaments Pinterest

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